Heating storage actions

What is the difference between “dhw_storage” and “heating_storage” in the schema.json file? How are they used in the CityLearn environment?

Hi @VanK and thanks for your question. dhw_storage is used for domestic hot water load satisfaction. These loads come from showers, kitchen sinks e.t.c. On the other hand, heating_storage is used for space heating purposes. During simulation and if equipped in a building, they will be charged/discharged by the agent. Charging of both dhw_storage and heating_storage are satisfied by dhw_device and heating_device respectively which are ElectricHeater or HeatPump objects. When the control action is to discharge either storage device, they device will attempt to meet all of the domestic hot water or heating load while considering system limitations, before drawing electricity from the grid.

In the CityLearn Challenge 2022, both dhw_storage and heating_storage are not applicable as only electrical_storage is controllable. See this reply to a related question: https://discourse.aicrowd.com/t/actions-in-the-schema-json-file/7963/2?u=kingsley_nweye, for more information about this.

Please, let me know if you need further clarification.