Hash id wrong format

In the train_labels.csv file that we are provided, I see some hash id like “9.990646E+71”, which is apparently not in the right format for a hash id. Is there some formatting mistake in the csv file? Could you please correct the format mistake and provide us with the corrected labels?

Hi @yankeesong,

Please treat the column as “text” and not “number” in whichever software you are viewing train_labels.csv file.

The hash ids are random “text” fields, and the ID above in the dataset is “9990646e65” (text representation) and not “9.990646E+71” (numeric representation).

~❯ cat ~/Downloads/train_labels.csv | grep 99064

I hope it helps, let us know in case you have any further query.

Wish you luck with the competition! :smiley: