📥 Guidelines For Using External Dataset

Hello all,

We provide a development test set with images and ground truth labels to simplify debugging and enable local validation for this challenge.

We do not provide a training dataset for this competition. Participants can use publicly available data under a common-use license or other public research datasets such as Products10K.

Please note the following points while using an external dataset for this challenge:

  • Please use images with creative commons licence. If you use images from browser search or google images, please ensure they contain a creative commons licence.

  • While using an existing public dataset, ensure that it explicitly states that it can be used for non-commercial or research purposes. For example: Products10K

  • Depending on the data source, other terms might be used. Please ensure the term of usage and licensing abides by the above-stated points.

Declaring Dataset

If you collect your dataset and use it for training, we request that you make it available to other participants and organisers with a license which allows it to be used in that competition. You can do so by sharing the link on this thread. This needs to be done by April 9th, 2023.

For any further queries regarding the dataset, please comment on this post.

All the best!