GPL licensed models allowed?

In the Rules its mentioned : “To be eligible for the prizes, participants will have to release the code to their solutions under one of the open-source license from the following list: GNU General Public License, BSD, MIT, Apache 2.0 License. The submitted code is expected to be reproducible and should produce the same score on the leaderboard.”,
Does this mean the object detection models such as Yolov5 (ultralytics) , Yolov8 (ultralytics) which have GPL / AGPL licenses are not allowed in the challenge ?

Hi girin.chutia,

Yes, we certainly accept solutions based on YOLO, and they certainly are elegible for the prizes. By GNU General Public License we meant the whole family of GPL licenses, including the Affero General Public License (AGPL).

Mosquito Alert Challenge Team.

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Thank you for the clarification!