Google colab h20 model in R

Has anyone successful trained a model using h20 and R in a Google Colab notebook? I’m having trouble figuring out how to just install the package. I keep getting the error: “there is no package called ‘h20’”.

Hi @lolatu2

The first thing to mention is that it’s h2o rather than h20 which is probably a typo?

Beyond that, to submit an h2o model via colab:

  1. Make sure that you have the install.packages("h2o") in your install_packages function.
  2. Make sure that you have library("h2o") in your global_imports function
  3. Make sure to h2o.init() inside the global_imports function. This function is put inside every other function you have in the notebook.
  4. Alter you save_model and load_model function to work with h2o models.

That should work. If it doesn’t then please come back to this thread and we will figure it out.

And welcome to the discourse :partying_face:!

Thank you… I am having a brain lapse, and yes, my issue it because of the typo.

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