[Giveaway Alert πŸ“’] Make your first submission in the AWS DeepRacer Challenge to get free AWS Credits!

:loudspeaker: Win $30 of AWS credit!

:racing_car: The NeurIPS AWS DeepRacer Challenge allows participants to train models in a simulated environment and then test the best models in the real world. This helps researchers solve the problem of having to spend large sums of money by increasing accessibility and efficiency.

:iphone: Our team back at AIcrowd has noticed the enthusiasm around the challenge. To reward your participation, we have collaborated with the AWS Team to giveaway credits to NeurIPS AWS DeepRacer Challenge participants.

:star_struck: Participants who make their first submission would receive $30 worth of AWS Credits as part of the giveaway. Check out the starter kit to make your submission. Comment on this post with your submission ID after making your submission and we will email you AWS credits! :sparkles:

:house: House Rules

  • All first submissions made after 19 October 2021 are eligible for the giveaway.
  • The giveaway is open to all participants who are yet to make their first submission in the challenge as well as to any new participants.
  • $30 worth of AWS Credits would be shared in the form of a coupon. The AIcrowd team would reach out to you via your registered email.
  • We have 20 vouchers available for this giveaway. Thus, the first 20 participants who match the mentioned conditions would receive the vouchers.

Submission hash: 89a58f7c8bf82fe973050d9b1a7af90fabbbd9e2
It’s just a random agent, but getting here already took quite some effort.
Where is the documentation of what to actually write in my class which subclasses DeepracerAgent class? I cannot find any of it on here.

Btw the util/submit.sh is bugged in 2 ways

  • get_submission_remote() doesn’t detect the correct remote url to submit to. It tries to submit to origin even though in my environment aicrowd is already set up. It’s probably because the condition checking for the remote url is not well written.
  • setup_commits() reports β€œThere is another submission with the same description. Please give a different description.” even when I clearly have never used the name before. It is because it doesn’t check what error actually occured. In my case it was fatal: 'submission-WTF-submit.sh-is-bugged?' is not a valid tag name. that was the actual problem.
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This is my submission id

Submission #160568


My submission ID: #159000

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Submission ID 160829

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Submission ID: 161948

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My submission

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Submission ID: 163105

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Submission ID: 163040

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My submission ID #160185

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Submission ID #164689

Submission ID #164772

Submission ID #167725

Submission ID #165144

Submission ID #165110