Git LFS issues

Hi there,
I was trying to get started with the challenge based on the Google Colab example notebook. Right off the bat there is a snag:

Git LFS: (0 of 5 files) 0 B / 5.89 MB
batch response: This repository is over its data quota. Account responsible for LFS bandwidth should purchase more data packs to restore access.
error: failed to fetch some objects from ''

This overflows into some other issues - I had trouble running any of the code that was supposed to access the test file (“data/test/Mu - Too Bright/mixture.wav”) unless I ran the data download step. And I’m not sure if it is related but at the end of the notebook trying to submit I see git LFS skipping files and an error including remote: fatal: pack exceeds maximum allowed size

Is this a problem I’m causing or could it be (as the first error suggests) an issue with the repository data quota?


For anyone wanting to investigate: Simply run and note the error in the output of the first cell. I think one consequence of this is that instead of a wav file we get an LFS pointer file which the various models and such can’t decode. Pretty sure the fix is to get a data bundle or whatever it’s called for the repo that has the files and LFS enabled.

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Hi @Johnowhitaker,

Thanks for sharing this.

We generally host our starter kits on self-hosted GitLab due to which missed the fact that there are limits on GitHub. We have upgraded the plan just now, and LFS should be back again on this repository. :smiley: