Getting incomplete error message after submission

Made the submission in plain ASCII text format. And got this error - “Error : Incorrect localisation format (Line nbr 1). The format should be …” .

Hi @OG_SouL,

Thanks for notifying this. We didn’t realise the “View” button next to error message doesn’t contain full error message displayed. We will start displaying inside it properly.

Meanwhile for your case, the full error message is as follows:

Error : Incorrect localisation format (Line nbr 1). The format should be …<widget_ID><localisations_delimited_by_comma>…

Thank you.

I had a few other queries related to submission.

  1. On the Submission Instructions section, it’s mentioned to upload a plain ASCII text file. But, when I looked at the evaluation script, it seems to read a csv file. Can you please confirm whether we need to upload a txt file or a csv file.
  2. In the sample submission row, the format given is - 1c3e1163fa864f9c.jpg;paragraph 0.8:190x135+410+474;button 0.95:99x60+265+745,0.6:85x50+434+819,0.6:89x50+614+739;image 0.7:259x135+379+305;container 0.8:614x925+179+95,0.8:549x229+219+689;
    Can you confirm whether a ’ ; ’ needs to be added at the end of every row or not. Because the error that we’re getting is related to that.

One day too late as you manage to submit, but I will still clarify your questions:

  1. ASCII can be a csv, I will update the submission instruction
  2. it is not necessary to add a semicolon at the end of each row but they will be ignore if you do.