First round submission with Flatland 1.0 or Flatland 2.0?

Hi Flatland team, our team have been trying with Flatland 1.0 for weeks and recently switched to Flatland 2.0. Since other people already pointed out the bugs when running baselines with Flatland 2.0, I don’t want to repeat them here. My question is about the first round submission. So far, we haven’t submitted anything yet and would like to try soon. But we are not sure: should we wait until you fix the bugs in Flatland 2.0 then adjust our implementation with Flatland 2.0?

BTW: if you need help to document the introduction on getting started with baselines, we are happy to help since we have already spent a lot of time to explore the package and baselines.

Hi @beibei

My suggestion would be to try a submission of the old format if you like to familiarize yourself with the submission process and have already developed your model.

We are working hard on pushing the necessary bug fixes to start round 2 submissions.

@beibei and @xzhaoma as stated before we would be very happy for contributions on the documentation and the getting started. We believe this is a very important part of the project and we believe that participants like you who have gotten started by yourself would be the best fit to write the introduction and getting started.

To coordinate the efforts please open issues in the baseline repos to let other participants know what you are working on. Then submit pull requests with you changes. Look at the Flatland main repository contribution guidelines here.

If you have any further question regarding contributions don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

The Flatland Team