Final Leaderboard for Round 1 & Community Prize

Dear participants,

Round 1 of the competition comes to an end. We hope you enjoyed participating and are looking forward to Round 2! (we will be announcing the dates of Round 2 shortly)

We have a short update on the final leaderboard:

The current scores displayed on the challenge leaderboard are computed using 60% of the test set. We will compute your scores on the whole test set by the end of this week, after which the leaderboard will freeze.

Note: You can still make submissions for Round 1, but they will show up as post-challenge submissions. You can see them here.

Community Prize

We are thrilled with the amazing contributions the community has made! Our team is going through each of them right now and we will be announcing the Winners soon! :tada:


I just joined in after round 1, will I still be able to compete for round 2 and round 3??

Hi, yes. You will be eligible.