🚨 Final Leaderboard (for real) + Community Contribution Prize

Dear community,

Check the rankings now

As you can tell, we put in some time to make sure that the final leaderboard is sound. And now that it is out, join us in congratulating the leaderboard toppers!! :tada:

We also thank each and every participant who made a submission to this challenge and made it a huge success. We hope you had fun participating in this challenge. (if you didn’t, do tell us so that we make your experience better for the next competition :grin:)

:arrow_forward: Next steps

The AIcrowd and Organizer teams will be reaching out to the relevant participant for the last leg of due diligence as per the rules.

If you have any concerns regarding the final leaderboard and rankings, please reach out to us on help@aicrowd.com and share your query. :slight_smile:

Community Contribution Prize winners

This challenge wouldn’t be what it is without the amazing community that has formed around it. And, we have some of our most vibrant and creative community members to thank for that.

Check out the winners of Community Contribution Prize

:arrow_forward: Next steps

The AIcrowd and Organizer teams will be reaching out to the community contribution prize winners as well, for the last leg of due diligence as per the rules.

Until the next,
Team AIcrowd


Congratulations to all the winners!! Hope to see you all in the next competition!!


Hi @vrv, is it possible to check the private LB score of all our submissions?


Congrats all the winners.

Just a small note: there are 4 teams at the 10th position so each team will get 1/4 of “Oculus Quest 2”. And I will get actually half of it, which means 1/8 of “Oculus Quest 2” .

How should we split it? Each guy will has a piece of the drone? :wink:


Hi @moto,

We are fixing the rank number shown on the leaderboard.

The ranks are 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. There is no tie in either of the leaderboards because the submission’s time is used as tie-breaker.


Congratulations to the winners!

And thanks to AIcrowd and ADDI teams for organising the competition, actively engaging with the participants and fast replies!


@shivam: Is the position in the LB already sorted by time?

Yes, it is correctly sorted.


What a shakeup of the public LB! It seems to me that what was crucial to have a high score in the private LB was to correctly guess the class balance of the hidden data. Note how #1 in the final LB was #33 in the public one! :open_mouth:

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@vrv, when we should receive an email from organizers?

Hi @sshh11,

You will receive an email from the organizers in the next 1-2 days.

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Hi @siddharth,

Yes, you can check your private LB score of all the submission in the respective submission pages.


Can we share our final approaches?


Hi @sshh11 we encourage you to share your approaches with the rest of the community :smiley:


I noticed user @ao1 (which was ranked #1) has disappeared from the leaderboard.
Did something happen?


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