Final Leaderboard and Winner announcement

Dear Participants,

As you may have noticed, the leaderboard may have different scores once the competition has ended. This is because during the competition the scores for all the puzzles were computed using 60% of the test set. For Learning to Smell and Seismic Facies challenges, we will only consider your scores for this 60% test set. While for CRDIO, JIGSAW, and CAPTCHA puzzles, your scores are now computed on the WHOLE test set. You may see different scores for these puzzles now.

The leaderboard is frozen now, and the winners of AI Blitz#4⚡ are…

#1 NaStroy

#2 BanKhv

#3 lacemaker

#4 Dmitryakonovalov

Congratulations to the Winners! :tada::tada:

We hope you enjoyed participating in AI Blitz! Be on the lookout for AI Blitz#5⚡! :eyes:

PS: If you would like to see your scores on for the WHOLE test set for Learning to smell and Seismic Facies challenges, you can go to their respective leaderboards where we will update the scores by the end of this week.