File names in test_phase1.csv, do not match

The jpeg file names in test_phase1.csv, do not match the files in Am I missing something? Where are the files which are mentioned in test_phase1.csv?


Hello Adnan,

You have a point here - I also do not see the the image files listed in ‘test_phase1.csv’ in ‘’.

For example, the GUID ( 07e0f900-e1d2-4e3c-a812-651a156d7463.jpeg ) in ‘test_phase1.csv’ cannot be found in the unpacked Test images from ' ’

Can someone on the AIcrowd Admin team ( #admin @administrator1 ) help us with this issue? We certainly cannot create a good submission if we do not have the image files…

Thanks, Michael


There is already a new version of file named “test phase1_v2.csv” “in Resource” tab.
Good luck!

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Hi Everyone. The “test_phase1.csv” and “sample_submission_phase1.csv” files contained dummy data, including dummy image names. We decided to change that. The second version of the csv files are going to be soon on the server, with correct image names and correct numbers of rows. Actually, file: test_phase1_v2.csv is already uploaded. You can download it and check it already.

Mosquito Alert Challenge Team