Feature description pdf

Am I the only one having problems visualizing the pdf correctly (see example below)?

This image is also broken for me, but the others are displayed correctly


Thanks for pointing it out. We have updated the document. You can also find it here.



Hi, thanks for the updated file. :+1:

Just wanted to clarify something…

On the main competition page, we can read:

Each row in the data set represents the results from one clock drawing test of a single participant. The data set contains ~135 features(exact feature descriptions can be found

However, does the actual dataset has less features?
I only have 122 columns… :thinking:

I quickly verified against the pdf file and I noted that specifically, the variables hour_diff and minute_diff described on page 27, are absent from the dataset?

Or did I do something wrong? :laughing:

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You are right, they are missing but can be calculated since we know that the hour hand should be 11 and the minute one 2.
There are two features describing where the two hands are pointing, so it’s a matter of subtraction

Yup, I agree. :+1:

Just wanted to share this out to every participants, so that others don’t get confused by the mismatch (135 vs 122).

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Thanks for pointing out this. We have updated the documentation to remove extra features. Also, we will be updating the count on the webpage, the feature count is 121 excluding the target