FAQ: Round 1 evaluations configuration

The following values will be set during the evaluations. Any changes that you make to these parameters will be dropped and replaced with the default values during the evaluations.

  timesteps_total: 8000000
  time_total_s: 7200

checkpoint_freq: 25
checkpoint_at_end: True

  env_name: <accordingly>
  num_levels: 0
  start_level: 0
  paint_vel_info: False
  use_generated_assets: False
  distribution_mode: easy
  center_agent: True
  use_sequential_levels: False
  use_backgrounds: True
  restrict_themes: False
  use_monochrome_assets: False

# We use this to generate the videos during training
evaluation_interval: 25
evaluation_num_workers: 1
evaluation_num_episodes: 3
  num_envs_per_worker: 1
    render_mode: rgb_array

During the rollouts, we will also pass a rand_seed to the procgen env.


Is it still allowed to use any environment configuration during training?

Or when you say “evaluation”, you mean both training and rollouts?

Helo @jurgisp

The above configuration will be used during both training and rollouts.

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Can we pass additional custom parameters in env_config (for example the number of frames to stack together like stack_frames)? I assume you are talking about a update operation where those official parameters above will be replaced with the default values but whatever user-defined additional parameters will be preserved.

Hello @xiaocheng_tang

Yes, you are free to pass additional parameters/flags in env_config. The only requirement is that the base env used by your gym wrapper should be ProcgenEnvWrapper provided in the starter kit.

The discussion from Rllib custom env might be useful to clear things up.