Expressing Gratitude to Our AI Mosquito Alert Challenge Participants and Organizers

Dear Participants and Co-organizers,

We want to extend our gratitude to each and every one of the 1000+ participants who joined the AI Mosquito Alert Challenge 2023. Your enthusiasm, expertise, and dedication have made this challenge a resounding success. With over 2500 submissions, your collective efforts have demonstrated the incredible potential of collaborative problem solving in the field of AI.

A special thanks to our co-organizers for their invaluable support throughout the challenge. Your guidance, platform provision, and expertise were instrumental in navigating the intricacies of hosting such a large scale AI competition. Your commitment to fostering a vibrant AI community has been truly inspiring.

The engagement, both on the forum and during our townhall event, showcased the power of bringing together diverse minds to tackle complex problems. We look forward to future collaborations and continued advancements in AI research.

Thank you for making the AI Mosquito Alert Challenge a remarkable journey!

Best Regards,

Monika Falk and Joan Garriga
Mosquito Alert Challenge Team

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