Explained by the Community | 100 CHF Prize contest 🎉

:tada: Announcing Blitz Community Prize!

Show off your puzzle solving skills! :muscle: Take any 1 puzzle from this Blitz :zap: and create an explainer on how you solved it. This explainer must be in a video or an article form, and it should be succinct, and simple. Post your explainer as reply to this post.

:trophy: The Winner will get 100 CHF in cash prize

:date: Competition ends on 9th September, 2:30 PM CEST

The competition is simple:

  1. Pick any 1 problem from the ongoing Blitz⚡ and create an explainer for it.
  2. This explainer can be either an article or a video. There are no constraints on how you wish to present your ideas. You can be as creative as you want!
  3. The language of the explainer must strictly be in English, so that it reaches the wide audience on our platform.
  4. You must post your explainers on this same Discourse topic as replies, and must also provide a link for the same on any of your social media handles, from any platform.
  5. You can make multiple submissions, but you’re only eligible for the prize once.
  6. The competition ends on September 9th, 2:30 PM CEST i.e. 2 days before Blitz⚡ ends. Any entries after that will not be considered for the prize.
  7. We will announce the winners of the Community prize on the End Webinar that will be hosted on September 11th on completion of Blitz #3⚡.

Looking forward to see what you come up with!


Hello all,
I am Ashwin Ramesh and I am part of team TODO participating in the Blitz #3 competition. I have written an explainer article for the LNDST problem using the FastAI framework. Simply reusing the code should give you ~0.9 F1 on the LB. Please share your suggestions and let me know if there are any errors.


@ashwin_ramesh: You should consider including a Google Colab link for easier replication by the participants. Great job nevertheless ! :tada:

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@mohanty: Thanks for the feedback. I’ll add a colab notebook very soon!


I am Bharath A and I am part of team TODO participating in the Blitz #3 competition I have written an article explaining the basic approach on how i solved the Sudoku problem. Please do share your suggestions!


Hello, I am Animesh Sinha from team Bayesian Mechanics, and here is a solution baseline for the AUTODRI problem in this contest.

Please share thoughts and comments.


Hi I have created a short video explaining the Solve Sudoku Problem and my approach solving the problem. This is one of my first narration videos so the audio maybe not good and it may be a little cringy. So please bear with me and I am hoping for constructive feedback.



@ashwin_ramesh @bharath_a @AnimeshSinha1309 - is it possible to put up your articles on some place other than Medium.com too? We keep running into paywalls and others who are curious about your explainers might face the same issue, hence.

@vrv: I am sharing friend link to my article so that you don’t hit paywalls. Hope it’s okay for now.


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I thought I shared the friend link, so that should not be a problem, but here it is again: https://medium.com/bayesian-mechanics/deep-learning-contests-steering-angle-predictions-636edb40d142?source=friends_link&sk=299f5d330fe195f85e7ffc3f99ab5915

Please let me know if you can access it and if there are issues we can always shift it wherever convienient.

In addition, I am not a part of the Meduim partner program, the blog is not monetized, so it should not be in the paywall even when directly searched from google.

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Here is the friend’s link to my article.


This works. Thanks, everyone!


Me Shubhamai, i did the LNDST competition and here is the github repo https://github.com/Shubhamai/water-segmentation