Example submission template

It would be great to have a minimal working example of MaskRCNNPredictor() or MMDetectionPredictor(), so that we can focus on building the network.


I am struggling with the same problem.

Hi @lorepieri & @gaurav_singhal,

Thanks for the feedback.

We are working on it, and will be releasing it this week, stay tuned!

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Hi @lorepieri,

Please check out the detectron2 (maskrcnn) scripts released today.

Next in line already: mmdetection :steam_locomotive: :clock1:

It would be nice to have MMDetection example too
Kind regards

Hi, @shivam ,
we have facing the problem with active submission due to the limit of submission number. However, we made only 1 submission per last day. And another colleague from my team has not submitted any case in last 24hours, and could not submit due to the same error.
Could you help us please with this issue?

Hi @Mykola_Lavreniuk, we noticed that this might be happening when submitting debug submission. It is now fixed. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Hi @Haik, yes, we will be sharing MMDetection specific instructions today.

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Thank you very much for prompt response.
update: yes, now it is working ok!