Example configuration to use CRAN packages in submission

I am trying to use the R package caret and RRF in the submission and am having some difficulty in installing these via conda-forge. Would it be possible to give step-by-step instructions about how to use packages from CRAN rather than via conda and conda-forge when performing the submission?

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Hi @kelleni2 , I am having the same issue as well for package “mice”. May I ask your advice on this? Thanks!

Hi @ngewkokyew,

You can use the r-mice package from conda-forge, given it isn’t present in R channel.

To do so, in your environment.yml, make sure you have conda-forge under “channels”, and add r-mice under dependencies.

For installing locally on your system you can use: conda install -c conda-forge r-mice

Hi, I am also having the same issue on installing and loading the library for “tidyverse” package. May I know how I should work on this? Thank you!

Hi @TayHaoZhe,

There was discussion for tidyverse package here for installing tidyverse 1.3.0. There is issue in r-stringi package on conda-forge, in case you are trying that one.

I am able to install “tidyverse” in rstudio but it turns out that there is some issues in installing and load “tidyverse” package during the submission. I have tried the method that you show but I am not sure whcih I have missed out.

Can you tell your submission ID in which you tried using it? We can look into it.

AIcrowd Submission Received #28571

Hi, shared the logs in your submission now, I guess you are missing C50 package due to which it is failing.

So I would need to include all the packages that I have used in environment.yml?

Yes, all the dependencies need to be present in your repository.