Evaluation perspective config?

I just uploaded a model which I train using first person view perspective (Without the character in the image), and I got a return around 8 after reward hacking, but the result is 0, and the generated video is 3rd person view.

so, is the evaluation config MUST be using 3rd person view ? or is there anyway to config ?

The evaluation config uses the default values such as 3rd person view.

Thanks @Leckofunny, so there is no way to alter the default evaluation config ?

I assume that the circumstances of the evaluation will be the same for every participant.

@harperj will have to jump in to answer the question. As the perspective etc are controlled by the evaluation binaries internally.
(and if you get a 0 reward, please do ensure that you are not submitting in debug mode)

Hi @STAR.Lab

The reset parameters are fixed for the server side evaluation. This is to ensure that all participants are on a level playing field. We provide reset parameters so that researchers can train and test algorithms on different configurations of the environment, but these are not intended to be used for the competition itself. Hopefully that clears things up somewhat.