Evaluation failed: Findcave Inference: Error (exit code 1): ValueError: Not allowed to access task

I got the following error during evaluation: AIcrowd. My submission is for the intro track but why does the system try to load the Findcave inference? My debug submission did not encounter this error.

@slai7880 : the Findcave reference in the logs for the intro track is a bug only specific to the logs, and because of how we are re-using the evaluators from the other track.
In case of the intro track, the Findcave rollout is hot-patched to use the ObtainDiamond env instead. So the logs show Findcave even if it is actually using ObtainDiamond. Sorry for the confusion.

Regarding the error at your end, this is because, of this line: AIcrowd

where during the evaluation phase, the participant submitted agents are not allowed to access the internal env specific parameters like env.task. This is to prevent agents from interfering with the internal state of the env during the evaluation.