Evaluation Failed (Exit code 1) inference failed

My previous all the evaluations are failing

Hi @anuj_shah are you still having this problem?

I’m experiencing the same failure of Citylearn1&2, while Citylearn Render can be passed successfully.

In addition, I cannot see the logs.

@MinghongAlexXu please, what version of CityLearn are you using? You should be suing >= v1.3.5

I do use CityLearn v1.3.5:

@MinghongAlexXu okay thanks for the information. To confirm, does your submission run fine locally?

Yah submissions run fine locally.

I resubmitted successfully evaluated phase 1 submission, and it fails also.

How can I see the logs?

@MinghongAlexXu : We have posted the error logs from your rollout phases on the issue page here

Best of luck

I’m experiencing a similar problem @MinghongAlexXu @anuj_shah Were either of you able to determine the source of error and/or find a solution?

@pokuk76 , Failed runs only on private runs is commonly getting caused from hardcoded values such as number of buildings or observation size. You can check if your local evaluation works if you change the parameters in the schema.

If you’re still unable to fix the issue please let me know your submission id.

@dipam Hi, sorry for the delay in response. I figured out the issue it was a combo of silly errors (not updating my submission requirements, etc). Thanks