Evaluation Failed (Exit code 1) inference failed

My previous all the evaluations are failing

Hi @anuj_shah are you still having this problem?

I’m experiencing the same failure of Citylearn1&2, while Citylearn Render can be passed successfully.

In addition, I cannot see the logs.

@MinghongAlexXu please, what version of CityLearn are you using? You should be suing >= v1.3.5

I do use CityLearn v1.3.5:

@MinghongAlexXu okay thanks for the information. To confirm, does your submission run fine locally?

Yah submissions run fine locally.

I resubmitted successfully evaluated phase 1 submission, and it fails also.

How can I see the logs?

@MinghongAlexXu : We have posted the error logs from your rollout phases on the issue page here

Best of luck