Error while pushing model weights: fatal: unable to write flush packet: Broken pipe

I am seeing this error while trying to push model weights along with a few minor changes:

LFS: Put “AIcrowd”: write tcp> use of closed network connection
error: failed to push some refs to ‘’
fatal: unable to write flush packet: Broken pipe

I have set up SSH keys correctly and don’t think authentication is an issue. But curious to know if others faced this issue and what are some possible resolutions?

Thanks! Any help is appreciated.

@nutansahoo : Is this a recurring problem ?
Additionally based on the error messages, it seems to be an error related to your local network most probably. Can you try to push the weights from a different network connection ?

@aicrowd_team Yes this is recurring. I tried to do git push after connecting to a different internet connection but it’s painfully slow as the model weights are a couple GBs. I am now trying using HTTPS instead of SSH. Will update in sometime.

Can I manually upload the meta-llama folder containing the model weights to the repository? Do you think that’ll be okay?
Thank you for your prompt response.
I am surprised that I am the only one facing this issue LOL :sweat_smile:

@nutansahoo : We do not support HTTPS on

And the model weights have to be added via git-lfs, as without it there is a much lower file size limit for files in the repository - and that is by design.

We recommend that you try pushing the model via git-lfs from an alternate local internet connection with a better bandwidth. Because of the nature of the issue, and the challenge submissions, we cannot unfortunately help in any other way here.