Error when creating submission

My submission file uploads successfully, but has an error when being processed.

Error : An error occurred (403) when calling the HeadObject operation: Forbidden

The 403 and Forbidden would imply an HTTP error, I assume from one of the services being called to score the submission?

@psyon : Can you please try again now ?

First I resubmitted it but didn’t have the entries for the images that were 0 bytes. I added those, and it still thinks I don’t have everything. My header row is exactly the same as the sample submission file, and I have the same number of lines in the file. The sample file doesn’t have a trailing new line character at the end of the file, so I even removed that and tried to submit, and it still says I don’t have all the rows.

@psyon : Can you please share your submission file over email with ?

I emailed it to you. Did you get it?

@mohanty any progress on this?


Sorry for the mistake, the evaluator is fixed now and works with the file sent by @pyson

Just in case anyone keeps submitting and getting the same score every time you might want to try saving the Python csv output as a new file and then submitting that to the grader (this fixed my glitch of getting the same score every time)