Error of running the BC baseline code

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to run the baseline BC code “basalt_baselines/” in the competition Github, but I encountered the following error:
_init_() got an unexpected keyword argument 'policy_class’

I thought the provided code is ready to run, but it seems not to be this case. Does anyone have idea of how to fix it? Thank you.

Hey! Sorry for the delay!

The baseline code was tested to work during release but sadly it seems like some of the dependencies have been updated since and it breaks this code :frowning: . My wild guess is that imitation repository has changed. Your best bet is to checkout older version of imitation and installing that (a manual process…).

An easier step would be to double-check you have the up-to-date library versions as specified by environment.yml, but I assume this is already the case.


Thank you for your reply. And yes, we have checked the yml file to make sure that we got the up to date version, but the issue still happens. I guess as you said, the imitation code probably has been changed. Do you have any idea of which version of imitation BC code that when it was released? It would be helpful to know to trace back. Thanks.

Judging by when was added, this is the imitation version that could work.