Error fix to training/test datasets, all tasks

Dear participants,

Thank you for the enthusiasm you've shown for the MABe Challenge, we are already starting to see some solid submissions!

We discovered that a 1-frame shift had been inadvertently applied to our annotations. We have corrected this error, uploaded the new dataset, and recomputed all baselines for the tasks. Existing submissions to the challenge were kept for posterity, but have been reevaluated with the corrected annotations- so you may notice a small change in your score.

Teams should immediately re-download the dataset for all tasks, which includes our correction for the frame-shift error.

You can re-download the dataset from the 'Resources' tab [1] [2] [3] or through the following commands:

aicrowd dataset download --challenge mabe-task-1-classical-classification / mabe-task-2-annotation-style-transfer / mabe-task-3-learning-new-behavior

​We apologize for the error, and are very grateful to Johnowhitaker's clutch exploratory data analysis for catching it!


The MABe Team & AIcrowd