End of AI Blitz #7 ⚡️

Hello all!

We had an eventful AI Blitz #7 :zap: I hope you all enjoyed the unique collection of AI puzzles!
We want to thank every single one of you for solving these puzzles and making this Blitz :zap: exciting.

:stopwatch: We are in the process of doing the due diligence on the winning submissions and will announce the final list of winners soon.

:loudspeaker: Shout out to @g_mothy, @derinformatiker, @toefL, @devesh_darshan and @harshit_gupta for getting top scores on the leaderboard. Also, a big shoutout to @victorkras2008 for being a recurring Blitz participant.

:closed_book: This Blitz, we also received multiple notebook submissions for the community contributor prize. You can check out some of the entries like this notebook on Rover Classification by @AmineJr and this resource on Mars Rotation by @toefL.

:spiral_calendar: We will be also hosting a live Townhall event wherein the winners and top participants from Blitz #7 will present their solutions. So stay tuned for more info! You can check out our Twitter and LinkedIn for more such announcement. :slight_smile:

:zap:Have a great weekend, everyone! :blush:This text will be hidden


Hello! Thank you for hosting this competition. I had a great time solving it. I hope to see more competitions like this, maybe with the harder tasks, anyway blitz format feels very fresh. When will the final leaderboard be published?

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Thank you @toefL!!

We are really glad you liked AI Blitz:zap: Congratulations to you for such a stellar performance too!

Your feedback on harder tasks is taken! :wink: