DSAI Challenge UPDATE: decommissioning workspaces, final presentations, leaderboard

Dear all,

Happy new year and welcome back!

As the Solutioning phase of the DSAI Challenge comes to a close – I wanted to make sure we were aware of the process – and if there existed any questions, concerns or general panic:

Virtual Machines will be brought down starting Jan 13. All valuable files and data must be copied to the appropriate shared location or it will be lost forever.

  • See here
  • Please reach out now on the forums if there are concerns!


  • Public view locked on 10th – EoB (6pm) EST
  • Submissions will be re-run including the hold-out data. Your best submission will count – based on monitoring and discussions with AI Crowd we have not seen “gaming” with frequent submissions
  • Therefore, Winning solutions will be under some scrutiny – i.e. if it looks like a statistical fluctuation from many submissions gave an edge, this will be taken into account and adjusted.
  • And will consider other factors as well to differentiate between and acknowledge multiple top solutions.

Presentations should be ideally be placed into GIT by EoB Friday.

  • Please reach out if you are having trouble or if you have questions with presentations or some extenuating circumstance.
  • Please email me directly – some short grace period could be possible if we know in advance.
  • Also we can post about getting files into git – don’t stress
  • In general - are teams now ready with their presentations??

Hope everyone is feeling good about their solutions and presentation – looking through the code and discussions, it seems there are quite some interesting approaches!

Nick and team

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Dear all,

Based on feedback from teams as well as the evaluation team and process, we are happy to extend the presentation deadline and keep the workspaces open through the end of next week.

  • Presentations submitted by end of week Jan 17.
  • Code and models due Friday 10th – hard deadline “before January 13th” as the evaluation team will start

(note: VM’s will still go down)


Hi Nick,

In short,we understand as below - Please confirm:

  1. Code submission to be done by Jan 10th 6pm EST and leadership board is frozen immediately after that.
  2. Presentations can be submitted by Jan 17th.

Could you please clarify more on “hard deadline”?

  • If the workspace is going down by 13th what if someone wants to add any elements to presentation on 15th or 16th?
  • When we say hard deadline - is it for the team meaning we can utilize time until 13th to clean up the codes or something even though leader board is closed?
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@kelleni2 @satyakantipudi @shivam

Can we download the files we prepared in Aridhia workspace pushed to Gitlab(Aicrowd) into our local machine - so that we can prepare the ppt in local machine?

  1. How do you expect the ppt to be sent? Through email to the evaluation team or we need to push the ppt to gitlab as well?
  2. if we need to push the ppt to gitlab - then we need Aridhia workspace and that will be available only until 13th. Then what is the point of giving time until 17th? How to push the ppt to gitlab on 17th?

Please clarify.

Hi - some quick answers:

Yes on 1. and 2.

Yes you can utilize time until 13th to clean up code etc

The hard deadline is when the VM’s will start being deleted - but we will have a call monday morning before this in case difficulties reported.

The workspaces will be available next week, but the VM’s launched from them will not be. I’ll post again more detail on the presentations. (but it will be certainly be possible to modify them next week)

Hi Shravan,

I had to read your question more carefully - but yes you have access to the code etc via gitlab and can use your local machine to prepare, and push back to gitlab. If you have trouble here - don’t stress.



Now that the submission deadline is over, when will the private leaderboard be released? We are looking forward the final leaderboard!


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