DSAI Challenge Evaluation - next steps

Dear all,

We wanted to share the upcoming milestones regarding challenge evaluation:

  1. Next 2 weeks - Core challenge team to shortlist top solutions for subjective categories and validate top performing solutions from the leaderboard:
  •      Technical evaluation of top solutions – robustness, generalizability
  •   	Evaluation of innovative approaches and business value for the respective categories
  1.  Broader evaluation committee to confirm final selections – potentially reaching out during this process. 
  2.  Finalists to be notified mid-March and prepped to present their solutions at the Challenge event in front of the committee, business, and community – and compete for best presentation!
  3.  All participants are invited to the Challenge Event in Q2 to exchange learnings on everything from PoS, to platform feedback, to β€œwhat’s next” for future challenges at Novartis. 

The team will be reaching out with any questions or requests regarding your solution. We look forward to future communications around the event and seeing you there!

Nick and core challenge team

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Please note

  •   The date and location for the Challenge Event has not yet determined
  •   Travel cannot be covered by the data challenge team
  •   Please talk to your manager if travel can be supported, in particular if you belong to the finalists and potential awardees
  •   Details will be shared as soon as possible