Ds_shared_drive not in submission?

I am getting the following error on submission, during this phase Build Packages And Env: DockerBuildError: Failed to install packages:

CellExecutionError: An error occurred while executing the following cell:

train = pd.read_csv(’/ds_shared_drive/train.csv’)

This makes no sense to me. During install packages, training is executed?

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Hello @VictorCallejas

What is the error about?

It looks like the heading for Define preprocessing code changed in the notebook that you submitted. Can you change it to # Define preprocessing code and submit again?

We rely on the headings in the notebook cells to detect which part of the notebook should be executed. For more information, please refer this discussion.

Availability of ds_shared_drive during evaluations

Please note that the ds_shared_drive will not be available during the evaluations. The path to test data will be available in AICROWD_DATASET_PATH. For more information, please refer this discussion.

Hope this helps and please let us know if anything is still unclear.