Does 3rd Place need to submit working notes?

Does the 3rd Place submission need to submit working notes? Or is it only required of the 1st Place winner?

Oh and thanks for organizing the competition and compiling the dataset. Was an interesting challenge. Learnt a lot and hope to be able to participate again next year. :slightly_smiling_face:

all participating teams with at least one graded submission, regardless of the score, should submit a CEUR working notes paper. As organizers of the challenge we also have to write an overview presenting the challenge, the dataset and the different methods that were explored during this event. The challenge was very difficult this year and yet some of the methods like yours allowed us to obtain promising results. But for the moment we have very few elements to describe your approach. We thank you in advance for writing this working paper to help us highlight the techniques that worked and those that did not. The working note can be relatively short, but it should contain enough information to allow for the reproduction of your results. Instructions for writing can be found at the bottom of the page here: PlantCLEF2022 | ImageCLEF / LifeCLEF - Multimedia Retrieval in CLEF