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In chapter 2 of the documentation we have the following

2.1 Racing Simulator
To use our environment, you mst first complete a licensing agreement with Arrival. Our environment interfaces with the
Arrival racing simulator via a SimulatorController object which can launch, restart, and control the Arrival simulator.
We recommend running the simulator as a Python subprocess by specifying the path of the simulator in your configuration file in the env_kwargs.controller_kwargs.sim_path field. Alternatively, you can specify that the controller
start the simulator as a Docker container by setting env_kwargs.controller_kwargs.start_container to True.
If you choose the latter, you can load the docker image:
$ docker load < arrival-sim-image.tar.gz

I have downloaded the simulator but I seem to be unable to find the arrival-sim-image.tar.gz

Is this docker image provided? If so where can I find it?

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We are checking the version provided to you for the docker image.
Meanwhile, to get you started you can run it locally if you have a Linux setup or you can use a virtual machine using AWS.
For that, it’s easier just to run the bash script in the LinuxNoEditor folder. Keep this running in the background.
Also sharing a template for the controller_kwargs = {
“sim_version”: “ArrivalSim-linux-0.7.0-cmu4”,
“quiet”: True,
“user”: “ubuntu”,
“start_container”: False,
“sim_path”: “–path–/ArrivalSim-linux-0.7.0-cmu4/ArrivalSim-linux-”,

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I already have it running in a local machine but I would like to keep things as clear and hassle-free as possible, that’s why I’m asking about the docker image.
Thanks for looking into it.

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Hey! While you are checking the docker image can you please share the specs that are required for the AWS VM?
I am quite new to this and hence require some help in which image to use on AWS to run this.

Hey! I got some problems running in a local machine, can you please share the steps you’ve done to run the things on a local machine?
I am new to all these things and are confused by the instructions.

1 Like here’s a walkthrough for setting up the resources for the challenge.

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