Do we need extend lfs quota by ourselves?

When i git push my model either llama2-7b or llama3-8b,it exeeds the gitlab lfs limit 10g.So do we need to extend the quota by ourselves?

below is the gitlab default quota setting. Usage quotas · User · Help · GitLab


DETAILS: Tier: Free, Premium, Ultimate Offering:

All projects on GitLab SaaS have 10 GiB of free storage for their Git repository and Large File Storage (LFS).

When a project’s repository and LFS exceed 10 GiB, the project is set to a read-only state. You cannot push changes to a read-only project. To increase storage of the project’s repository and LFS to more than 10 GiB, you must purchase more storage.

GitLab plans to introduce storage limits for namespaces on GitLab SaaS. After these storage limits have been applied, storage usage will be calculated across the entire namespace and project storage limits will no longer apply.

@hongru_liu : At this point there are no usage quota limits on We might introduce one in the near future, but for the duration of this competition, we will have a per submission size limit soon, but the overall storage quota for each user will be fairly generous to ensure it doesn’t inhibit your participation in the competition).