Do I need to set up my own openai key when uploading evaluations

Does openai key need to be set? What if I don’t have my own openai key? How do I assess

@yaxun_dai : We will be evaluating the predictions using a separate script, which has access to the openai keys. so you do not need to include your own api keys.

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But when running line 185,it would give an error without an openai client key.

@hongru_liu: No, the evaluator provides its own OpenAI key when evaluating your submissions.

So when I submit the api_key in the file, is it okay to write it like this before submitting it? Because I failed to submit it four times, I don’t know if it is possible. Please answer it at your convenience. Thank you.


@zhuozj : You do not need to submit your OpenAI API Keys to the evaluation servers. We include our own API keys when evaluating your submissions.