Dimension error input Keras

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I have a biomechanics background with no RL/Python experience so my question is likely very basic. I would like to get started with the challenge by using the code provided to train the arm model and making it work for the walking model: example. I am not yet interested in the controller itself at this stage, I just want to have a running code to start with.

I am having a dimension issue: “ValueError: Error when checking input: expected flatten_1_input to have 3 dimensions, but got array with shape (1, 1)”. From what I understand, this might be related to using the dictionary observation in the wrong way. I guess the dictionary observation should be an array to work with this code but I am not sure where/how this step should be performed. I see that get_observation is sort of performing this flattening operation, so I guess it might be used somehow.

Any help is welcome
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