Difference between RMSE rounded and RMSE_score

Hi @alfarzan
Is it a known issue that there is a difference between the RMSE rounded and the RMSE_score? 499.629 is not 499.60 :slight_smile: … even though it is fine, I just wanted to let you know that there isn’t anything wrong in the code …

EDIT: it seems that now is fixed (it was run #122303) - weird though … maybe just give a double check!

Ciao ciao


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Thanks for highlighting @sandrodjay1

I think this was a display issue rather than a sorting issue that has now been fixed. Rest assured that the order on the leaderboard is always based on the more precise RMSE value displayed int he Additional Information section :slight_smile:

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Super - I had no doubts the leaderboard was working properly, but just worth to double check eheh Thanks :slight_smile:

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