Deadline extension?

Dear all,

first of all thank you for your interest in the “LifeCLEF 2021 Plant” challenge. Many thanks to the first 4 participants who took up the challenge and already submitted 25 runs. Like last year edition, the challenge is really difficult but it is of great interest for both botanists and CV/ML researchers around the topic of domain adaptation.

It’s the home stretch and probably you have models still in training. We propose to let open the challenge few more days, until next Wednesday, May 12 23:59. This could allow you to train your models a bit longer, especially if you train them with external data like ExpertCLEF19 and the GBIF mentioned in the “External training data” section on the main page.

However, this will delay the publication of the final results and shorten the time to write the working notes for the CLEF conference. Would you still agree to this last extension until Wednesday, May 12?

Thanks for feedback and suggestions.

Hi Herve,

That would be nice. Our team can use some extra time if the other agree.


Thank you Holmes. An important information to take into account: working notes must be submitted by May 28 (

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Yes, it works for me!



Noted. Let us know if it extend