Deadline extension for run submission (until Sunday May 15 23:55 UTC)

Dear participants,

it’s rush hour now, the GPUs must be warming up… thanks to the participants who submitted the first runs, the results are encouraging despite the great difficulty of the challenge! Thanks again for all your efforts and your investment on this problem of great importance for a better knowledge of the biodiversity of plants. However, due to the size of the data and the difficulty to access high end GPU servers, we receive requests to extend the deadline. We therefore propose to keep the submission system open for 1 additional week, until Sunday May 15 23:55 UTC. In return, this will reduce the time to write the working notes to less than 2 weeks (27 May 2022), please anticipate writing your notes until the final results are released next week. Good luck for the final stretch!

The organizers

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we will leave the submission system open for an additional 2 days during this week-end for the very last submissions (firm deadline Sunday May 15 23:55 UTC)

Thank you for the good news.

I have one question below.

Is it possible to give us a chance to late submission after the challenge. I believe that there are some interest to check our new strategies for the challenge.

Thank you again.

yes, I think we could open the system for a second round after the CLEF event, we will discuss it with my co-organizers to decide the right time to do

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By the way, I did not know how to make a correct submission in the beginning and made a lot of mistakes. And I did not expect the deadline was extended.

Is is possible to give more chances to make submissions?

Thank you for your work.

Badly formed runs are not counted. You are allowed to submit 10 “Graded successfully!” runs, you have submitted 6 and so you have the possibility to submit 4 more runs, does that seem enough to you?

But I do not know what happens. Now I have no chance.

Thank you for your quick reply.

The system does not allow me submit once more now.

I think I won’t have time to fix this with the aicrowd developers, I just increased the submission limits to 15 runs, can you try again?

Yes, I have chance now.

Thank you very much!