Deadline extension? Confirmed June 14th

Dear all,

first of all thank you for your interest in the “LifeCLEF 2020 Plant” challenge. Many thanks to the first 3 participants who took up the challenge and already submitted 9 runs validated by the submission system.

The challenge is really difficult this year, but it is of great interest for both botanists and CV/ML researchers around the topic of domain adaptation.

We are currently discussing with the LifeCLEF challenge organizers to extend the deadline by at least a week and we would like to know if you would be interested.

This could allow you to train your models a bit longer, especially if you train them with external data (ExpertCLEF19 and the GBIF mentioned in the “External training data” section - I remind you that it is possible to use these external datasets under the condition that you submit at least one run among the 10 using only this year’s data).

This could also leave some time to explore more domain adaptation techniques beyond the direct use of CNNs (I refer you to the “Motivation” section for some inspiring papers).

Thanks for feedback and suggestions.

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We would love a deadline extension. We have been struggling to develop good approaches due to lack of computational resources, and would appreciate the extra time.
Thank you

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Hello organisers,

Our team is currently struggling to train our models due to the lack of access to GPU compute in the current lockdown situation. As a result, our models are talking too long to train using the limited cloud compute that we have.

If the challenge is extended, we can submit more quality submissions with our updated models. We request you to extend the deadline, and are thankful that you would consider this option.

Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback, we have extended the deadline to June 14th. Good luck to all of you on the home stretch!


Wow, thank you. Will spend some more time then.

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Cool Holmes, glad to see you’re back this year, can’t wait to see your runs!

Thank you guys for your flexibility!
We also would like to have 2 more weeks to submit our runs, i hope that this will be possible, we are almost there :wink:

Hi Aymane, thank you for your intention to participate in this challenge despite the difficulty of the task. . We have extended last Friday the deadline until June 14th, but this time it will be a firm deadline unfortunately: LifeCLEF lab is part of the Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum CLEF 2020, and therefore we must try our best to fit the schedule of this conference. . We have to set aside a minimum amount of time to publish the results, check with the participants that everything is ok, set aside time for writing the working notes, the overview, etc. I hope we’ll be lucky enough to get some submissions from you, good luck!