Dataset fails to download

Could you provide another mirror of data? I tried to download dataset several times, but every time it failed.

If you reach out to Amazon you could probably host this in their open datasets.
Also you might try to host it on Kaggle.

thank you for alerting me about this, I am currently uploading the data to a mirror site, the data should be available within an hour at this address:

Did you upload the dataset? I see only pdf file

Alternatively, could you upload different parts of dataset separately? And upload small part of ‘hebrarium’ part so that we could take a look at its metadata

Hi @herve.goeau, @Ivan_Eggel,

I see some queries around dataset for this CLEF challenge.
Please let us know in case AIcrowd should host the dataset on our side, we can coordinate it over email quickly.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I have not been able to solve the problems remotely over the last few days, normally the data is now also available at