Dataset Download speed

According to paper, the dataset is available at, but the download speed is very slow. I have an internet connection with over 10Mbps. I am getting a download speed of 30kbps for the file. Can you please let me know any solution to this?


I have solved this issue by downloading the dataset to a GCS bucket using a GCE instance. The speed was ~30Mbps. After that, you can decompress the dataset and use Google Cloud Storage FUSE to access data.

Hi mrugankakarte - while that is a sample of the dataset it unfortunately is not the dataset we have prepared for the competition! The download link there is quite slow as it is hosted on AWS for review by conference reviewers, it was not intended for high traffic use =)

As we finalize details on release we will provide a new link with higher throughput, thanks for your continued patience!

So the dataset you provided which has the size of 15.3G, and I have already downloaded was in vain??:sweat_smile:

Unfortunately :anguished:

We promise the prepared data-set will be more compressed!

Thanks for the update!! I will wait for the official release of dataset here.