Dataset don't download


I used a Colab shared by one admin, with the following code to download the dataset:

%aicrowd dataset download --challenge chess-pieces -j 3

Yesterday and before, the download start with no problem, zip files were loaded in 30-60 sec. I managed to submit several submissions this way. But today, the download never begin … The chunk run, never ends. Do you know what can explain it?

Thank you in advance for help.

Hello @demarsylvain

We updated the progress bars with tqdm for now and it should fix the stalled progress. Can you try again now?


In case the issue still persists, please try Tools --> Factory reset runtime.


It’s working now, thanks.

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Hi @jyotish ,

I used this line of code (paste from Ashivani starting codes) in order to load the dataset in the Colab environment: %aicrowd dataset download --challenge chess-points -j 3

Do you know how to modify it a little in order to load only one file, for instance

Thank you in advance.

Hello @demarsylvain

You can download files selectively as well. For example, if you want to download, you can run

%aicrowd dataset download --challenge chess-points

We also support Linux style wildcards using *. For example, if you want to download all the zip files, you can run

%aicrowd dataset download --challenge chess-points *.zip