Data quality V3: Inconsistency between answer and query_time

We found some inconsistency between the answer the query_time provided in the V3 dataset.

There are many examples (~5-10), here are 2 example:

1.The ground truth QA is :on the last trading day, what were the daily low and high of nuw?', ‘$13.83, $13.95’

The query time is 02/28/2024, 07:15:02 PT

While according to the api results:

‘2024-02-27 00:00:00 EST’: {‘Open’: 13.670000076293945,
‘High’: 13.710000038146973,
‘Low’: 13.630000114440918,
‘Close’: 13.65999984741211,
‘Volume’: 36000}
‘2024-02-22 00:00:00 EST’: {‘Open’: 13.869999885559082,
‘High’: 13.949999809265137,
‘Low’: 13.829999923706055,
‘Close’: 13.829999923706055,
‘Volume’: 16900}

The provided ground truth answer corresponds to 2024-02-22 data, which is inconsistent with the query_time.

  1. The ground truth qa is “can you provide me with the dates when indb’s stock price closed at a lower value last week?”, ‘2024-02-13, 2024-02-14’

The query time is 02/28/2024, 07:25:59 PT, which is also inconsistent, because it’s 2 weeks ago.

Similar questions includes ‘last trading day krt daily low and high’

Can we fix this problem, as it seems some of the data is collected near 2024-02-22/23 while the query time is annotated to 2024/02/28