Data overview

Why data is overview so bad? You have just a few things which is not numerical, and you described their options a bit, and everything else is described just as… Numerical? Can you please fix it? Hope you’ll see my topic, because without description, by using google translate, its hard to understand what data I have.

I think the column names are self explanatory and general terms. But I do understand your concern. Is there any specific column which you are having difficulty in understanding?

I’ve seen your homework on alcrowd, and that makes me feel excited. But there are a few small issues on that exercise, I need you to help me. I tried Python code several times but it still doesn’t work. Can you send me the answer of that exercise, I can refer further. Grateful you much !!!

Sure, let me know the problem you are facing. Also incase you havent gone through the starter notebook, do have a look at it. You might find it helpful.