Data for CUIs to Strings

where can I find the data or CSV files that maps Concept Unique Identifiers (CUIs) to ASCII text strings (UMLS terms)?
I could not find this in the data that is distributed as train and validation sets. please let me know, thanks!

can someone please reply to this?

@shivam any help?

I know it’s late, but maybe this will help someone.
I used this: like that:

def get_label_and_comment(cui):
    cui_dict = {'CUI': cui}
    site = ""
    response = requests.get(site, params=cui_dict)

    response = str(response.text).split("\"")
    label = response[1]
    comment = response[3] if response[3] else "None"
    return label, comment


You can find the UMLS here