Custom Preprocessors

i add my code in file .custom_preprocessor/ ,but it did not work.
i find a sample such as:

but where to set the config in REAL2020_starter_kit?

Hello @smileroom

You can place the code for your preprocessor at and add the newly added custom preprocessor to the list of available preprocessors at

Then you should add it to the experiment YAML file, for example,

I hope the last part is what you were looking for.

yes! it is what i am looking for.
thank you!

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Hello jyotish, I added my preprocessor as the way you said but I got an error:
ValueError: Registry value for rllib_preprocessor/rllib_preprocessor/MyPreprocessor doesn’t exist.
How can I solve this problem?

Hello @DRL_AGI

Did you import and add it to custom preprocessors dict here?