Confused about the failure

Our last 10 submissions are all successful, but we met some confused submission failures at, We also want to know if these two failures (35 and 36) can be caused by the server (may the organizer help run them twice?)

From my side, both are successful eventually. May I know exactly what you mean by ‘confused failures’?

Thank you for your reply! They were tagged as failed at first and eventually succeeded after several hours. Furthermore, I want to know if these two failures (35 and 36 ) might be caused by the server? (we have tested them on our local machine successfully and each sample is in 3 seconds.)

I clone your submission to the same AWS instance used to evaluate your submissions. Here is what I see.

So I don’t think there is an error in the server. Maybe you should consider the difference between your local machine and ours.

Ok, we will check our code. Thank you!