CompassAngle changing even when agent does not move

In the MineRLNavigateDense-v0 environment, even if I don’t perform any action, the compassAngle keeps changing. Have a look in the next example, where I don’t perform any action (my action is to stay in the same place and don’t rotate my camera) and the compassAnge changes from 64 to 94!

Does anyone knows why is that?


The compass observation in Minecraft has momentum and starts at a fixed point. So even if you stand still there could still be some oscillation of the compass direction!

Thanks, that makes sense. Maybe worth adding it to the documentation?

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Where would you look first? The Treechop env or the compass observation specification?

I was looking to MineRLNavigateDense-v0 in the documentation, which hold some specifications about the compass, i.e.

"compassAngle": "Box()",
"inventory": {
        "dirt": "Box()"
"pov": "Box(64, 64, 3)"


Or do you mean other specifications?


Great - I’ll make a todo to update the documentation there - it should become blue and link to a description of the observation

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