Client Failed

Error in create_agent: Timed out after 601 seconds waiting for clients. 1/4 clients joined.
Any idea on why it is coming? Is it related my code or from aicrowd server failure?

I I’ve encountered this issue multiple times as well when trying to add some new requirements, such as langchain. The problem was resolved after removing langchain. Based on my guess, it might be that adding some new packages caused changes in the version of vllm. Originally, my vllm version was 0.4.2, but after adding langchain, the vllm version noted in the debug-log ultimately became 0.5.0. Besides langchain, some other packages also cause this error as they change the version of vllm.

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Thanks, I read this in Reddit as well. I will try without langchain.

Did you managed to solve it? I’m having the same issue

Yeah, its resolved after removing langchain and pinning the vllm version to 0.4.2

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Can’t I just downgrade vllm version to 0.4.2, and leave langchain alone?

You can try it, but I just pinned it to the original version based on the russwest404 suggestion.