Clatification regarding Prize and Timeline

Hello, I have a few queries regarding the prize and time of the competition,

  • The discussion indicates that only the first team will receive the Macbook Pro (M2) laptop. However, it is unclear whether each team member will be eligible for an individual laptop, or if the laptop will be awarded to the entire team as a unit.
  • As per the discussion, The challenge prize includes a Travel Grant of 2500 CHF per team. However, considering teams with four or more members, this amount may not be sufficient. Furthermore, it’s stated that The winning teams will have the opportunity to attend the conference in Lausanne, Switzerland with travel and accommodation expenses covered. Does this mean the winning teams will receive only 2500 CHF as a prize, or will they receive 2500 CHF in addition to their travel and accommodation expenses?
  • When will the conference take place? The link shows it will happen on August 28, but the final results will be published in November.

Hi md_awsafur_rahman,

The first prize includes a single laptop for the team and it is up to the team how to distribute the prize: travel grant and laptop.

With regards to the travel grant, it is meant for the 2024 edition of AMLD which is held in March for four days. The travel grant is 2500 CHF in total, which covers travel and accommodation and conference related costs, Again, it is up to the team how to use it.


Mosquito Alert Challenge Team.

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